Sponsor Management Platform.

Streamers and sponsors can manage existing sponsorships with automated creative delivery and detailed analytics. No more email exchanges full of changes or data requests. You both have less stress, better execution, real data, and everyone is happy.

And no, we don’t take a cut.

Micro-sponsorship Campaigns.

Streamers opt-in to the brands they like and get paid on the viewership they have today. Sponsors can reach thousands of highly-engaged audiences whether small, medium, or large through content targeting based on game, channel rating, timeframes, audience, and more.

Sponsorship for everyone.

Why have separate Creator and Brand pages? This is a collab.

The tides have changed.

In streaming, the top 1% get 99% of the money.* Rainmaker is scaling brand sponsorship for the 99%. We don’t have a damn thing against big streamers. We just know in our heart of hearts that you shouldn’t have to have “made it” to be making a meaningful income. So we built a one-of-kind sponsorship platform to start making money along your journey instead of the end.

Whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand viewers, you can earn real, meaningful income doing what you love.

Will you join us?

Let’s rip the blind-fold off.

Rainmaker empowers your team to manage and measure your direct sponsorships like never before. Control your brand identity, manage creative, timed opportunities, detailed reporting, and more. Micro-sponsorship campaigns automate your reach further to the aggregate, hyper-engaged audience of thousands of creators of all sizes, geographies, and content. Diversify your spend.

Expand your influencer efforts and reach confidently with the measurement, validation, and reporting you deserve.

No more sponsoring blind-folded.

streamers should be able to make meaningful income, doing what they love."

So you like streaming huh?

Rainmaker.gg is here for you

Oh, you’re growing a business?

Rainmaker.gg is here for you

Every audience counts.

Let’s go big on micro.

We all know creators of all sizes have very loyal and engaged fans. You’re building community and value along your whole journey, not just at the top. Rainmaker connects you with big brands through micro-sponsorships to start earning now.

Reach further for less.

Rainmaker makes it possible for brands to support those creators and reach those highly engaged audiences through micro-sponsorship campaigns. Better rates. More data. Further reach.

Creative control for everyone.

Less hassle. More focus.

No more emails full of instructions and deadlines about how to get the sponsor’s creative just right. Let them handle it. Focus on your audience and content. Just add the Rainmaker layer to your stream and you’re set.

The right creative at the right time.

So much better than the boring, static logo-slapping, Rainmaker makes it possible for you to put the right creative on stream at the right time. Launch creative for time-sensitive campaigns to support your goals.

Native to the content.

Your content. Uninterrupted.

You choose sponsorships that feel “on-brand” and truly resonate with your audience. Additionally, you can stream confidently knowing these sponsorships won’t interrupt your content and the viewing experience.

Your brand is part of the stream.

Your brand looks, feels, and is native to the content and you won’t have to worry about content blockers. The creative is part of the video. Yes. We’re talking 99.9% deliverability.

Let the data do the talking.

You’re worth it. Now you can articulate it.

Rainmaker shows you the data you need to articulate your media value to sponsors. It also determines eligibility for micro-sponsorship campaigns. And campaign reports could get you contacted by a brand for direct sponsorship.

We’re giving you full creative control.

Measure your direct sponsorships like never before. Then, amplify your reach through micro-sponsorship campaigns over thousands of streamers. Better rates and measurement of your brand in front of more engaged audiences. (Ya, Plural.)

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