The tides have changed

Rainmaker is scaling sponsorships for everyone.

The top *1% of creators take home 99% of the money in streaming. And brands aren’t getting the data and capabilities they need to spend their sponsor dollars confidently.

We’re changing that



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Chat bot






Creator Sites

Sponsorships for Everyone

Sponsorships for everyone

Rainmaker is so much more than just a sponsorship platform. But you’ll want to hear more about this. It’s a biggie.

Cloud-based overlays and alerts

Cloud-based overlays & alerts

Our editor is intuitive and speedy. Drag-and-drop, easy customization, and real-time alerts powered by data from Twitch, Twitter and Spotify.

Chatbot is a cloud bot

Chat bot is a cloud bot

Our chat bot lives in the cloud. Online or offline, it's chillin' with your viewers. Oh and it does it all: currency, filters, moderation, quotes, alerts, custom commands, and loyalty ranks.


Tipping (and we don’t take a cut)

Add your PayPal and you’re set. Level it up by configuring your creator site with some neat perks for your viewers like song requests and audio recordings. And, lastly, your tips are your tips. We don’t take a cut.

Creator Sites

Creator Sites

Have a business card that you can be proud of. All of your information in one place: stream, chat, social, tipping, sponsorship, chat quotes, chatbot commands, and audience leaderboards.

Will you join us?

The legends behind

Rainmaker.GG is owned and operated by Lightstream.

We are a team of live streaming enthusiasts that have cut our teeth working in the gaming, esports and video industries.

We believe everyone has a story to tell. We exist to build products that empower storytellers and grow the communities in which they tell them.

It started with a live video production suite simple enough for anyone and powerfully unique for new cloud-driven possibilities. Then audience analytics to help you be data-driven in your content strategy and growth. All to arrive at the final piece: Rainmaker.

Most creators are getting overlooked by sponsors. So, we created a platform that scales brand sponsorship to everyone through data, video technology, and automation to empower creators of all sizes to make a meaningful income doing what they love.

Rainmaker aggregates the opportunity across thousands of audiences and gives brands the data and automation they need to sponsor thousands. All while helping creators of all sizes make a pretty penny in the process.

Which, speaking of pretty pennies...

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