What in Merlin's beard is going on here?

You’re here right now because StreamJar is now called Rainmaker and you’re trying to figure out what’s going on… If you have two (maybe three) minutes, we can promise you’ll leave feeling a hell of a lot less confused.

Allow us to
introduce ourselves.


Hi. We’re Lightstream,

a team of live streaming enthusiasts that make tools and technology for gamers like yourself. A few years back, we had another big idea to help creators make meaningful money earlier in their journey. But this would take time, planning, and the right partners. Lightstream and Arsenal were the beginning. But we needed more to complete it.

It would probably look like an alerts, overlays, and chatbot service. There are tons of these. Some are huge and probably won’t partner. We could build one, but our existing team loved video and data technology. So we went looking for a team that had built something awesome and was ready to go bigger.

This love story began when we stumbled upon a small passionate two-person team in the UK. They built StreamJar, the first alerts, overlays, and chatbot platform for Mixer and had been growing it for 4 years. And it turned out, a ton of Lightstreamers already used it!

We really dug their founders. We thought they were smart, savvy, and some damn good coders. But, most importantly, we felt they were great people with a lot of heart for the community. But they were stuck… because of university, the duo could only build their badass little project part-time.

We told them about our secret plan and they were just as excited as us. So, we broke open our piggy bank, purchased it, and then hired them to work on their masterpiece full-time.

We made a few changes. Together we built a global architecture to increase performance and reliability. We put on some fresh paint and UX to give customers a better experience. Integrated our Arsenal.gg data pipeline and new technologies to power our one-of-a-kind sponsorship platform.

And after all that, it was time for a new name…